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Barbie Fabulous Fashion Paper Dolls

Fabulous Fashion (Paper Doll Book): Barbie - Golden Books

Illustrated by: Golden Books


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


This book is a wonderful find. I quickly ran to my local A.C. Moore to get a new pair of precision-cut scissors (I still cannot find mine in my house), and peeked at their books. I saw this Barbie paper doll book was on clearance for $5. This book contains three paper dolls (Barbie, Theresa, and Nikki), and loads of clothes. The three girls on the cover are the three dolls in the book, though they do not look the same (their hair and poses are different). All three dolls have the same body shape and size, so the clothes can be used on any of the dolls. My two daughters and I each took one doll and split up all the clothes. We each ended up with nine pages filled with clothes! This book seemed endless. The pages are thicker card stock, and the dolls and all the clothes are punch out, so no scissors necessary. I prefer cutting out my paper dolls, but I will always say punch out paper dolls are so much better for children. I really don't have any complaints about this book, as it was such a good price with so many clothing pieces (shoes, purses, hats, and even pets included). Any little girl in love with Barbie will love this paper doll book.