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Vikings of Legend and Lore Paper Dolls

Vikings of Legend and Lore Paper Dolls - Kiri Ostergaard Leonard Thrift Store Diva Paper Dolls - Charlotte Whatley My Storybook Paper Dolls - Maggie Swanson

I am somewhat obsessed with paper dolls; it is something my daughters and I enjoy doing together. This past week I decided to purchase a new paper doll book for each of us. My oldest daughter picked out Thrift Store Divas, which comes with 2 paper dolls and tons of clothing, each piece marked with their thrift store price and where they got it. My youngest chose My Storybook, which is filled with adorable fairytale characters, such as Goldilocks (and the three bears), Little Red Riding Hood, the three little pigs (and the wolf), and even Puss in Boots. I decided on Vikings of Legend and Lore, which is filled with many boy and girl paper dolls and clothes, all in the Viking style, including summaries of the characters from Viking legends. All three books are very beautifully drawn. Now if only I could find my precision-cut scissors....