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you young monkey quote- Great Expectations

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens

'Has she been gone long, Joe?' I always treated him as a larger species of child, and as no more than my equal.
'Well,' said Joe, glancing up at the Dutch clock, 'she's been on the rampage, this last spell, about five minutes, Pip. She's a-coming! Get behind the door, old chap, and have the jack-towel betwixt you.'
I took the advice. My sister, Mrs Joe, throwing the door wide open, and finding an obstruction behind it, immediately divined the cause, and applied Tickler to its further investigation. She concluded by throwing me- I often served as a connubial missile- at Joe, who, glad to get a hold of me on any terms, passed me on into the chimney and quietly fenced me up there with his great leg.
'Where have you been, you young monkey?' said Mrs Joe, stamping her foot.

-Charles Dickens 

I was a bit disappointed in a book I started last night, so before heading to bed, I was trying to figure out what book I wanted to accompany me. I then suddenly had a strong desire to read some of one of my most favorite reads, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. This book is so wonderful. There are so many parts I find amusingly fun to read, and find myself laughing aloud (which is rare in my reading). I find this specific part of the beginning funny. I think of all the books I have ever read, the characters from this one specifically has made an imprint upon my soul. I will always think upon Joe as a quiet child-like grown creature, and Mrs. Joe as some raging woman ready to unleash her wrath upon the world...or just Pip. And little Pip, I cannot praise Dickens enough for how he got the inner workings and behaviors of a child so perfectly.