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Sunday Reads #1

By Hook or by Crook - Betty Hechtman

This week has been crazy. Mainly towards the end, getting my two daughters set for their dance recital that was yesterday. Hair bows, crimpers, leggings, sequins, and anything else sweet and girly that comes to your mind! So today I am relaxing on the couch with By Hook or By Crook, book #3 in Crochet Mysteries. I have yet to read any of the other books, including the first two, but I am chuckling at the absurdity of this one. I will write a review for this book when I am finished, but my immediate thoughts when I opened this book was, ridiculous and very unrealistic. The characters, their careers, the idea behind just about everything that goes on in this book. I was tempted to set it aside (and probably give it to my bookstore for credit), then realized I just needed to reset my mind for this book. Ridiculous? Most definitely! Unrealistic? Yes! Absurd? No doubt about it. But so what? Read it for the light fluffiness that it is. So, that is what I am doing today. I am surprised to find myself cracking a smile now instead of rolling my eyes.