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No one tagged me, nor do I tag anyone else. I just stumbled upon this through browsing Booklikes, and thought I would have some fun putting it together on this lazy Sunday afternoon!


Booklet or Tome:

I would prefer a smaller book, I am all about comfort. A super huge book is awkward to sit with comfortably and read, whether it is the height or width of a book. However, if the book is spectacular, one always wants to keep reading.


Pre-owned or New:

This is a recent change in opinion for myself lately. I was generally always a new book kind of gal. I try to keep my books in perfect condition, don't let anyone else even touch them (probably my inner OCD), but I have recently discovered a local bookstore (our only local bookstore) that sells new and used books. I have been having so much fun browsing through piles of used books, not to mention the prices! The added bonus, I don't feel the need to try and keep them perfect, as they are already perfectly imperfect.


Historical Fiction or Fantasy:

I would probably say historical fiction, though I am just as big of a lover of fairy tales. Recent purchases of mine included People of the Longhouse and The Black Swan.


Hardcover or Paperback:

Probably paperback. I think Hardcovers look nice, hold up longer, but I despise dust jackets. I usually end up tossing them whenever I get a hardcover, or at least remove them while I read. I prefer having the beautiful covers printed right on the front, in a non-annoying moving around fashion. I also think it is more comfortable to sit and read with a paperback book. Plus they are usually quite a bit cheaper in price.


Funny of Sad:

I generally love the dramatic books that trigger deep emotions from within. The kind that leave me pondering throughout my days. But I think I would like a funny book as well; I don't think I have ever read a book that has made me laugh out loud. I tend to have a bit of a stubborn sense of humor I guess.



Prefer Reading in Summer or Winter:

Both. But if I had to pick one, probably summer. I like curling up in the sun outdoors and reading while my kids play about.



Classics or Mainstream:

I have probably read more classics. I don't think I necessarily prefer one over the other, but as I general like the more dramatic, deep thought books that carry some profound message, it is a lot easier to find them amongst all others when you search through the classics. Plus I prefer historical fiction, so classics encompass more of what I like. I wouldn't mind reading more of my type of books in mainstream, but I don't think I am as good at finding them.



Guidebook or Fiction:

It depends. I do like to read both, so it depends on my purpose for reading. I love learning new things, so a guidebook on something I find fun. But it has to be about something I am wanting to learn more about in that moment. I do read more fiction though.



Crime Novel or Thriller:

As of now, neither. I love mysteries, but have discovered that once you become an adult, most mysteries are murder mysteries...which I don't much like. I am currently reading a series that is a cozy murder mystery, as I have never given them much of a try before. If I can find a series that is not too murder/gross saturated, and more of a fluffy read, then I wouldn't mind the crime novels. Thriller is definitely off the table for me though.


E-book or Print Edition:

I have been using a Kindle for the past several years. I love the ease of using an e-reader, though I have recently discovered that using an e-reader has greatly impacted my reading desires in a negative way. I have really only finished 2 books on my Kindle over that time, and other books I devoured were print editions. Upon this new revelation, I have been visiting our local bookstore and reading a lot more. So, I guess this means I prefer print editions.


Internet or Bookstore:

I love bookstores. I can spend hours in a bookstore, and will visit one every week if I have the chance! I do, however, browse for books a lot online as well. Both are fun, but I'd prefer to pick out a book that I have in my hands vs. a book I can only see on the computer screen.


Backlist or New Publications:

I don't really know? I mean, I kind of flutter around right now. My reading tastes and habits have changed so much. I've changed so much of the past several years. I am in a phase where I am re-discovering what books I really want to get into. I don't really have a habit of one or the other, it is currently all about whatever draws me in.


Best or Bad Sellers:

Either one. I don't really go by what others say, unless I am trying to figure out a specific about the book. I usually don't read many reviews or take them to heart until I have actually already purchased the book. There are many times my review does not coincide with the majority though. One of my favorite books for years had many bad reviews, and several others I have read that were best sellers didn't have me wanting to finish the book.


Cooking or Baking Book:

Definitely baking. I love looking through cookie baking books. Not that I actually cook or bake enough for my opinion to count on the matter!