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The First Princess of Whales

The First Princess of Wales - Karen Harper

Written by: Karen Harper


(Read and reviewed in June 2007)


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


I received this book as a birthday gift, and was quite amazed that it turned out to be a book I would have picked myself! Aside from one war scene that was a bit boring for me, the rest of the book was really intriguing, and kept me reading on. There are some parts in the book, that as a women makes you cringe...but unlike other reviews, I don't think that it was all intended to be romantic. I had no idea it was even listed under romance. It more came across to me as being a historical fiction, and along with that also comes how women were treated during that time, which wasn't always the best. I would definitely recommend this book, but be prepared for some harsh parts.