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Bound to Remember

Bound to Remember - Lola James

Written by: Lola James


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


(Read and reviewed in June of  2013)


This books really holds your interest. It is completely obvious that the author is a big The Vampire Diaries fan, or so I would assume with many of the same plot and vampire characteristics. Enchanted jewelry or spells so they can walk in the sun, witches, the main character looking exactly like a vampire that has been killed in the past, even the use of the name Catherine. Being a fan of The Vampire Diaries myself, I didn't mind that. It was a fun read. The author also brings in a little Greek mythology through the character of Hades, which is a new fun addition. The grammer was a little sketchy throughout the book...words clearly left out, or words printed twice in a row. There was several moments where the storyline just moved along too quickly for me to truly get what was going on. I found myself asking questions such as "why is she doing this again?", as if the explanations of the unfolding plot were just not always completely clear. The main character often acts in a way that to me is very unrealistic, which at times was a bit off-putting. It is somewhat short and ends at a huge cliffhanger. I immediately wanted to grab the second book just to see what happens, but after letting in settle...I'm not 100% sure I will purchase the next book. It wasn't really one of those books that you read and just sit and think...I'm glad I spent my time reading that! Now, I just think...eh. Gave me something good to read before bed for a few nights, was interesting, gave me my vampire fix, but really nothing that superb for me.