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Shatterpoint - Matthew Stover, George Lucas

Written by Matthew Stover


Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars


  • This is a tough book for me to decide how I felt about it. I literally feel divided, as I loved the first half, and hated the second half. The plot line of this book is brilliant, I loved it. Mace Windu is traveling to his home planet to find out what is going on with his former padawan, Depa, after seeing evidence of not-so-Jedi behavior from her. This book is mainly about how war can blur the lines of what is right and what is wrong, and how this can impact human being. Depa has been on a warring planet for months, and her standing as a Jedi is being brought into question, and Mace is sent to sort through it all. The first half of the book talks quite deeply and philosophically about war and Mace's concern for Depa, and his anticipation of what has happened to her. It really pulls you in and has you wanting to meet this Depa and understand the workings of her, and if she is truly okay.
    Now, the second half, I feel like the author really missed a great opportunity. The book builds up the meeting between Mace and Depa, and when it finally occurs, nothing. It is all so passive, practically every scene with Depa. I just didn't get it. The last chapter FINALLY gave a snippet of insight as to her mental stability and how deeply affected she truly was, but I felt the topic was so deep, and really was set up by the author in the beginning to be so, but it didn't pan out. I wanted to know more about Depa. I wanted to know what she had been through, why her appearance was so different. I wanted to know how she felt, more than just that she had bad headaches and nightmares. She did explain some during her conversations with Mace, but in just such a manner that left her a very flat character for me, and it didn't work with who she was in the book.
    I get this book isn't about Depa specifically. It is all told from the point of view of Mace. So I can understand that maybe the author was aiming for simply Mace's searching and figuring out, over diving deeply into Depa, but I still wanted to know more about Depa. After all, wasn't that the whole purpose Mace went to find her? I think I will probably always be wondering about her and how she came to be who she was in the last chapter...