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Sit, Truman!

Sit, Truman! - Dan Harper

Written by Dan Harper


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


This is a cute story about a very large dog named Truman. The story is basically a narrator (or owner) telling Truman things, such as "Truman, that is not your lunch!" with an illustration of Truman stealing a hamburger from the table. It is just the fun antics of a family dog. Both of my daughters loved this book.

Example quote: "Truman, stop drooling."

Teaching opportunity: This is a wonderful book to introduce the idea of pets and what they need, especially with a focus on dogs. The book touches on taking dogs for a walk, eating, drinking, sleeping, and even playing. As a parent, one could share what is also important for the family pet to survive and thrive, or even a friend of the family's pet.