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Snow White Sorrow

Snow White Sorrow - Cameron Jace

Written by: Cameron Jace


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


(Read and reviewed in June of 2013)


This book is one of the most creative fairytale retellings I have read. I love how those creatures in the night have been entwined into the authors world of fairytales. I am a little unsure of the ending, as it seemed abrupt, leaving me with questions and wanting to find out what happens next. I haven't read any of the prequels, so I am not 100% sure if this is just what the author is going for, or if it will be continued, or what? But either way, I loved it all. Even aside from some unanswered questions, the story was so great I will probably read this again and again. As for grammatical errors, there were plenty. Double words, "be become", small words left out, and a continual mistake of having two people speaking within one paragraph (making it sometimes confusing). I wish the author would take more time to proof read and fix all of these mistakes...it would make the read even more enjoyable without having to hesitate and figure out what was meant. I was also a little put off with the usage of the word "retard" in one part. I just thought to myself, do people really say that anymore? I thought we've all moved past that.
With all of that said, this story is about Snow White, of course. But not your normal Snow White. The author takes the original fairy tales and creates a whole new world that was hidden within the tales. The author creatively expands on little statements within the original tales, explaining what these things meant while entwining it into a much bigger story that still exists around us...or at least in the town of Sorrow. The main character, Loki, acts a little silly at times, sometimes unrealistic to me. But it's all in good fun...and what could be wrong about telling a fabulous fairytale? There were moments I was reading a few creepy parts on my kindle in bed and had to peek out around me in the darkness half expecting something to jump out at me...why? Just because this story really does weasel it's way into you, pulling you in deeper. I would definitely recommend it.