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Real Vampires Live Large and More Used Bookstore Finds

Real Vampires Live Large - Gerry Bartlett By Hook or by Crook - Betty Hechtman People of the Longhouse - W. Michael Gear, Kathleen O'Neal Gear

Even though I am posting these finds on the same day as the other post, the shopping days were about two weeks apart. Today I found these three books, spending about $9 total. People of the Longhouse seems to be like new, except for a small fold in the front cover corner, which I think happened simply from the cashiers poor bagging. I have been wanting to read one of these People of books for some time, so I was super happy to discover they had many different titles from the series there. I have not yet read any other books in Real Vampires Live Large, either, but from reading the first few pages it sounds interesting. Can't wait to dig in! I have a couple I need to finish first though...