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The Black Swan and More Used Bookstore Finds

The Black Swan - Mercedes Lackey Rituals - Ed Gorman Mind Games - Carolyn Crane Planet of Twilight - Barbara Hambly

I discovered a book store in our area (finally), which sells new and used books. I was in heaven browsing through the store. I had forgotten what it is like shopping in a used book store! I love book stores in general, but used book stores are so much more intriguing. You can stumble upon just about anything, books that you've never even heard of, that are so old they look like they shouldn't still exist in our world today. Not that I found such old books, but I did find a few I thought I would try. I think I spent approximately $18 total for all four books, with the one I am most excited about, The Black Swan, in hardcover. I remembering reading The Black Swan many years ago when we lived in Alaska, and for whatever reason, that book has been plaguing my mind for the past several years. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it in the store!