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A Berry Good Dream

A BERRY GOOD DREAM ( A Gorgeous Illustrated Children's Picture Ebook for Ages 2-8 ) - Michael Yu

Written by Michael Yu


Rating: 2 out of 5 stars


This is a story about a young boy named Brandon who lives quite a cozy life with "more toys than the local toy shop". Every night Brandon went to bed, he quickly fell asleep as he snuggled his bear, Berry. He visited all kinds of fantastical places in his dreams, such as an ice cream shop or a zoo. This was a cute book with really bright clear illustrations. It was a nice rhyming book (however I do wish the story had been typed up in a fashion that would have helped rhyme along, such as in the form of a poem). My complaint is that Berry explained the fun places were to give him a break from the not so great stuff in his life....yet his life was described as "grand" in the beginning. It didn't really make sense. It is enjoyable for the fun of dreams, and that is about it.


Example quote: "They rode all the rides and bought cotton candy and Brandon was feeling oh so very dandy!"


Teaching opportunity: This is a great time to dive into dreams and give a basic understanding of where they come from, such as our minds settling from our day. Discuss nightmares and how to feel better about them during the night (dreamcatchers, getting a sip of water, positive thinking, snuggling a toy), and of course share your most fun dreams! Maybe even draw a picture of a scene from your dream.