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Pinkalicious Pinkie Promise

Pinkalicious: Pinkie Promise - Victoria Kann

Written by Victoria Kann


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


This book was very appropriate for beginner readers, as well as having a story that teaches about friendship. Pinkalicious borrowed her friend's paint set with one condition, she can't use all of her pink. Of course, Pinkalicious ended up using all of the pink paint, along with white and red that when combined make....pink! This ends up creating an argument between the friends, sending Pinkalicious in search of a way to make things right. This book helps to teach young ones about how to make things right and about forgiveness. Good book!

Example quote: "Alison was coming over to get her paint set."

Teaching opportunity: This is a great moment to remind your children that everyone makes mistakes, but doing your best to set things right is what is important. Discuss ways they could fix certain mistakes that might be made. Share special ways to tell someone sorry, such as how Pinkalicious did in the story.