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Barbie and the Diamond Castle

Barbie and the Diamond Castle - Kristen L. Depken

Written by Kristen L. Depken


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


I gave it 3 stars mainly because it was a nice step into reading book, level 2, for a little girl. Aside from it being a good practicing book for new readers, the storyline was pretty blah in these pages. I found myself having trouble following it because it left out so much of the movie, that the story in these pages was really not much of a story. If I hadn't known the movie, I would have been sitting there with a million questions afterwards. Having said that, most little girls that sit down to read this book have seen the movie, and any details left out are already fluttering through their minds, leaving their reading experience fulfilled!

*As for the comments about them being served beer, it shows them in an eatery place like an inn, eating fruit and drinking out of tin mugs with handles. They could have easily been drinking water for all we know. I don't find this small detail to be something more important that young ones practicing to read with books they enjoy.

Example quote: "Then Lydia turned the good muses to stone."

Teaching opportunity: One of the basic ideas throughout this story is helping another. Liana and Alexa decide to help Melody, as long as finding ways to help eachother. Talk with your children about the importance of helping others, even if it is to simply help a sibbling pick up their toys. Discuss specific situations and come up with ideas together on how they could step foreward and help. Point out ways that your children already help eachother, or you. Teach them the importance of a helping hand!